Retro Blitz – my first Android game

Hi there, it’s been a while since I was able to post about any coding I have done but I have just released (a few days ago) my first game for Android. It’s an as accurate as I could make it remake of Blitz from the Vic-20, and hopefully you will think I have done a good job.

Please follow the link and buy it if you wish to support TCKSOFT and encourage me to create more software for mobile platforms as well as games for the PC.

When enough copies have been sold to recoup my Android Developer account, I will post the PC version for free right here.

Hopefully you will consider it 65p well spent to be able to relive that genuine retro feeling and demolish entire cities at your whim.

You can get to the game’s market place page thus: Click me!

If you would rather use the camera on your phone with a barcode scanner, here is a QR CODE for the game:

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