Android Games – Please support TCKSOFT


I am currently working on trying to create a nice portfolio of simple but fun Android games and if you enjoy my games or have played my PC/Mac/Linux remakes and games in the past please give me your support by buying something from the Google Play store (or search for TCKSOFT on the Amazon Market).

** Buy TCKSOFT games on GOOGLE PLAY! **

Many thanks in advance – every purchase helps to motivate me and keeps me supplied with coffee, which is the fuel that powers production of my games. You are amazing (if you bought something – not so much, if you haven’t).

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2 thoughts on “Android Games – Please support TCKSOFT

  1. Flav

    Andy? Is it really you?
    If it is, Wow! You’ve been busy, I had no idea you’re doing this.
    If you are Andy, please email me because I have a big ask for you

    Kind Regards


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