Long time no update.

Well since I last posted I’ve released another few Android games.

Let me see… There is:-

  • Duck Dash (remake of my PC remake of the Atari ST game)
  • Mined-Out (remake of the awesome ZX Spectrum classic)
  • Tappy Tables (a FREE fast action game to help people with their times tables)
  • Metal Pangic (sequel to Pangic and Pangic Plus)
  • Hunt The Wumpus (faithful remake of the famous TI-99 logic puzzle game)
  • SHOGUN (an Android version of an old 1970s board game)

Click on the links to go to their Google Play pages to get more information and see some screen shots.

Also I’ve just ported Jumping Jack to OUYA for anyone out there who has that great little machine and wants some ZX Spectrum style loving. It’s in the sandbox category at the moment but hopefully if enough people play it and like it we can get it out and into the retro category where it belongs.

Sorry for the lack of updates in the last six months (wow has it been that long?) but I’ve been busy making games as you can see 😉 Hopefully it won’t be another half a year until I post again – unless I come back with another half dozen games for you all that is. 😀


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