Popping Candy (Stack Attack 2)

My #1gam for October is completed and available on Google Play.

If you ever played my BlitzMax game Stack Attack then this is kind of a sequel and hopefully just as fun if not more so, as there are a couple of extra scoring/gameplay features…

Image1Image2“WARNING: A TABLET IS *HIGHLY RECOMMENDED* (Or very slender fingers…)

How to play:

Tap on groups of candy to eat them – the more candy you eat in one go the better as you will score many more points. Eating a single candy makes you sad (you lose 1000 points).

Stop the candy reaching the red score bar, or your game will end.

If you eat candy at the right time you will score even more points. Watch the pulsing colour of the screen.

The game will speed up over time so put down your tablet and eat with both hands to survive!”

Popping Candy on Google Play

EDIT: Now also available on OUYA.

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