Of Traffic-Lights and Frozen Fish…

I haven’t posted for a couple of months so there are two more games from me in this post.

Unfortunately I didn’t manage (yet!) to get my November game on Google Play due to unforseen problems with IAP as I was going to make it free with an unlockable for 95 of the 100 levels. But it seems that in app stuff on vanilla Android hates me so I ended up just releasing the OUYA version that works as intended. If anyone is interested in the mobile phone/tablet version please let me know and I will just finish it off as a pay up front game like all my others. 🙂

I called it Stoplight Puzzle rather than Traffic-Light Puzzle in the end so as not to confuse my American cousins, but the names are pretty much interchangeable. You have to use your three swapping blocks on each level to change all the grid to either green, amber, or red to win.

YOU CAN FIND THE GAME HERE… and there is even a button on the page to set your OUYA to automatically download the game, which is nice.

OneGameAMonth in December offered up three optional theme words rather than just one – Frozen, Secret & Kitten, so I was determined to use all three. At first I was thinking Pengo with cats but I soon shelved that idea and decided to make yet another puzzle game. This one is inspired and borrows a little bit of a lot of different puzzle games, but hopefully feels fresh and new as a result of not taking too much from any one source. 🙂

Frozen Fish - screenshot

You must defrost and feed fish-biscuits to your invisible kitten called Secret. Five connected fish are enough for a nice mouthful and Secret will eat them and remove them from play. Some blocks are just ice, or frozen fish – you have to have a complete row of these and then they will all crack open either disappearing in the case of just ice blocks, or revealing the contents in the case of blocks that contain frozen fish.

It’s quite easy to get yourself in a real mess if you don’t plan carefully and think, but hopefully it’s a very fresh and fun puzzle game – I hope people will give it a chance. 🙂


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