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Of Traffic-Lights and Frozen Fish…

I haven’t posted for a couple of months so there are two more games from me in this post.

Unfortunately I didn’t manage (yet!) to get my November game on Google Play due to unforseen problems with IAP as I was going to make it free with an unlockable for 95 of the 100 levels. But it seems that in app stuff on vanilla Android hates me so I ended up just releasing the OUYA version that works as intended. If anyone is interested in the mobile phone/tablet version please let me know and I will just finish it off as a pay up front game like all my others. 🙂

I called it Stoplight Puzzle rather than Traffic-Light Puzzle in the end so as not to confuse my American cousins, but the names are pretty much interchangeable. You have to use your three swapping blocks on each level to change all the grid to either green, amber, or red to win.

YOU CAN FIND THE GAME HERE… and there is even a button on the page to set your OUYA to automatically download the game, which is nice.

OneGameAMonth in December offered up three optional theme words rather than just one – Frozen, Secret & Kitten, so I was determined to use all three. At first I was thinking Pengo with cats but I soon shelved that idea and decided to make yet another puzzle game. This one is inspired and borrows a little bit of a lot of different puzzle games, but hopefully feels fresh and new as a result of not taking too much from any one source. 🙂

Frozen Fish - screenshot

You must defrost and feed fish-biscuits to your invisible kitten called Secret. Five connected fish are enough for a nice mouthful and Secret will eat them and remove them from play. Some blocks are just ice, or frozen fish – you have to have a complete row of these and then they will all crack open either disappearing in the case of just ice blocks, or revealing the contents in the case of blocks that contain frozen fish.

It’s quite easy to get yourself in a real mess if you don’t plan carefully and think, but hopefully it’s a very fresh and fun puzzle game – I hope people will give it a chance. 🙂


Popping Candy (Stack Attack 2)

My #1gam for October is completed and available on Google Play.

If you ever played my BlitzMax game Stack Attack then this is kind of a sequel and hopefully just as fun if not more so, as there are a couple of extra scoring/gameplay features…

Image1Image2“WARNING: A TABLET IS *HIGHLY RECOMMENDED* (Or very slender fingers…)

How to play:

Tap on groups of candy to eat them – the more candy you eat in one go the better as you will score many more points. Eating a single candy makes you sad (you lose 1000 points).

Stop the candy reaching the red score bar, or your game will end.

If you eat candy at the right time you will score even more points. Watch the pulsing colour of the screen.

The game will speed up over time so put down your tablet and eat with both hands to survive!”

Popping Candy on Google Play

EDIT: Now also available on OUYA.

Long time no update.

Well since I last posted I’ve released another few Android games.

Let me see… There is:-

  • Duck Dash (remake of my PC remake of the Atari ST game)
  • Mined-Out (remake of the awesome ZX Spectrum classic)
  • Tappy Tables (a FREE fast action game to help people with their times tables)
  • Metal Pangic (sequel to Pangic and Pangic Plus)
  • Hunt The Wumpus (faithful remake of the famous TI-99 logic puzzle game)
  • SHOGUN (an Android version of an old 1970s board game)

Click on the links to go to their Google Play pages to get more information and see some screen shots.

Also I’ve just ported Jumping Jack to OUYA for anyone out there who has that great little machine and wants some ZX Spectrum style loving. It’s in the sandbox category at the moment but hopefully if enough people play it and like it we can get it out and into the retro category where it belongs.

Sorry for the lack of updates in the last six months (wow has it been that long?) but I’ve been busy making games as you can see 😉 Hopefully it won’t be another half a year until I post again – unless I come back with another half dozen games for you all that is. 😀


Android Games – Please support TCKSOFT


I am currently working on trying to create a nice portfolio of simple but fun Android games and if you enjoy my games or have played my PC/Mac/Linux remakes and games in the past please give me your support by buying something from the Google Play store (or search for TCKSOFT on the Amazon Market).

** Buy TCKSOFT games on GOOGLE PLAY! **

Many thanks in advance – every purchase helps to motivate me and keeps me supplied with coffee, which is the fuel that powers production of my games. You are amazing (if you bought something – not so much, if you haven’t).

Solar Trex

I’m very verrrrrrrrrrry slow posting this but my March game for OneGameAMonth is up on Google Play. It’s a riff on my previous game Transversion EX, but done in a very “arcade” style with different controls because of the whole “touch screen” thing.

New features to this are boost where you can speed up your ship, and mines which just hang about waiting to be crashed into – which will happen because your craft is flying without any brakes so you have to keep your toes even more than in the original.

Twenty new stages and some lovely stylings & touches mean it’s probably the game I’m proudest of this year, so far. I hope you will take a chance with your 99p and take a look.

Please let me know what you think.

Solar Trex on Google Play

Solar Trex on Amazon App Store