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Long time no update.

Well since I last posted I’ve released another few Android games.

Let me see… There is:-

  • Duck Dash (remake of my PC remake of the Atari ST game)
  • Mined-Out (remake of the awesome ZX Spectrum classic)
  • Tappy Tables (a FREE fast action game to help people with their times tables)
  • Metal Pangic (sequel to Pangic and Pangic Plus)
  • Hunt The Wumpus (faithful remake of the famous TI-99 logic puzzle game)
  • SHOGUN (an Android version of an old 1970s board game)

Click on the links to go to their Google Play pages to get more information and see some screen shots.

Also I’ve just ported Jumping Jack to OUYA for anyone out there who has that great little machine and wants some ZX Spectrum style loving. It’s in the sandbox category at the moment but hopefully if enough people play it and like it we can get it out and into the retro category where it belongs.

Sorry for the lack of updates in the last six months (wow has it been that long?) but I’ve been busy making games as you can see 😉 Hopefully it won’t be another half a year until I post again – unless I come back with another half dozen games for you all that is. 😀


Solar Trex

I’m very verrrrrrrrrrry slow posting this but my March game for OneGameAMonth is up on Google Play. It’s a riff on my previous game Transversion EX, but done in a very “arcade” style with different controls because of the whole “touch screen” thing.

New features to this are boost where you can speed up your ship, and mines which just hang about waiting to be crashed into – which will happen because your craft is flying without any brakes so you have to keep your toes even more than in the original.

Twenty new stages and some lovely stylings & touches mean it’s probably the game I’m proudest of this year, so far. I hope you will take a chance with your 99p and take a look.

Please let me know what you think.

Solar Trex on Google Play

Solar Trex on Amazon App Store

Thank you Albert!

When I wrote Jumping Jack I searched the net for Albert Ball, the original author, without success. All that showed up on my Spectrum related searches were old reviews etc and links to the Jumping Jack game itself, so I released it and hoped for the best and that if he stumbled upon it he would see it as a fitting version and not be too displeased.

Yesterday I posted about the game on World of Spectrum and asked if anyone had any idea about contacting the author. User “fog” said I should have not written the game before getting the ok, which is fair enough but he also gave me a link to Albert’s current project, Railway Operation Simulator, which is certainly worth visiting if you are into railways and such.

Of course I immediately emailed him and told him about the Flash version and also the 99p Android version saying I hoped he liked them but of course if he was not happy I would take them down or at least make the Android version free. Colour me tickled pink to get a lovely reply this morning.

Hi Andrew,

Thanks to you I’ve just driven myself daft trying to get Jack up the levels – I’d forgotten how frustrating and addictive the game was!

Well done!!!  You’ve recreated the original very accurately indeed, the graphics and sound effects are perfect.  You most certainly have my blessing (and strong encouragement) to market it wherever you wish, it will be very nice indeed to see the game have a second life.  Thanks too for the credits for the original game.  It’s a nice touch making it a 30 year birthday edition – incredible that 30 years have passed since the original – it’s frightening how time flies!

I hope the Android version becomes a nice little (or even better a big) earner for you.

With best wishes,


These are the moments that makes being a games remaker so very very special. I hope Albert will not mind me putting his email here in full.

Thank you Albert for creating a brilliant game, and for being such a great guy and making me smile from ear to ear today.

Jumping Jack FLASH

It’s a gas gas gas…

You can play the FLASH version of the game here.

This is the same code as the android version, but with key controls rather than touch. If you like it please buy the Android version and take the game with you in your pocket.

Jumping Jack for Android

I didn’t intend to go over a year until my next game but here it finally is, thanks to the challenge set by One Game A Month on Twitter and the web – make a game every month in 2013.

Well I’m only one down so far but hopefully I can keep it together and produce at least a few.

So…. Jumping Jack. There are a few remakes of it already but I didn’t really see any that really capture the feel and look of the original, and they mostly go off in one direction or another.

Title Screen

Hopefully this remake has a real nostalgic flavour whilst also being addictive and captivating. Towards the end of development I’ve played it more than coded it, all in the name of testing of course, but have probably got on with it better than I did on my 16K Spectrum. Perhaps I just have a better understanding of it now.


I hope you will go to Google Play and grab it for the price of 99p, which is less than a cup of coffee in Costa or Starbucks by a considerable margin. I know people usually say less than a pint of beer, but remember – I’m the caffeine kid.

Visit the Google Play store page for Jumping Jack.

Many thanks, and I will hopefully see you again right here in February!


Retro Blitz – my first Android game

Hi there, it’s been a while since I was able to post about any coding I have done but I have just released (a few days ago) my first game for Android. It’s an as accurate as I could make it remake of Blitz from the Vic-20, and hopefully you will think I have done a good job.

Please follow the link and buy it if you wish to support TCKSOFT and encourage me to create more software for mobile platforms as well as games for the PC.

When enough copies have been sold to recoup my Android Developer account, I will post the PC version for free right here.

Hopefully you will consider it 65p well spent to be able to relive that genuine retro feeling and demolish entire cities at your whim.

You can get to the game’s market place page thus: Click me!

If you would rather use the camera on your phone with a barcode scanner, here is a QR CODE for the game: