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Becoming an iOS developer…

People have asked in the past couple of years for iOS versions of my games so here is a chance for people to make that happen. All I need is a suitable Mac computer for compilation and a development licence.

If someone has a iOS dev capable Apple Mac that they have retired and want to give it a good home I can take down the funding drive and probably get together a year of iOS dev licence from my next few months Android sales money, fingers crossed. The actual machine is the hard part – in the time since the launch of my first Android game I still haven’t made enough sales to cover the cost of a Mac even if I had saved it all and not had to expend it on other things.

If you do want iOS versions of my games you can fund the donations drive here: GoFundMe

Android Games – Please support TCKSOFT


I am currently working on trying to create a nice portfolio of simple but fun Android games and if you enjoy my games or have played my PC/Mac/Linux remakes and games in the past please give me your support by buying something from the Google Play store (or search for TCKSOFT on the Amazon Market).

** Buy TCKSOFT games on GOOGLE PLAY! **

Many thanks in advance – every purchase helps to motivate me and keeps me supplied with coffee, which is the fuel that powers production of my games. You are amazing (if you bought something – not so much, if you haven’t).

Jumping Jack for Android

I didn’t intend to go over a year until my next game but here it finally is, thanks to the challenge set by One Game A Month on Twitter and the web – make a game every month in 2013.

Well I’m only one down so far but hopefully I can keep it together and produce at least a few.

So…. Jumping Jack. There are a few remakes of it already but I didn’t really see any that really capture the feel and look of the original, and they mostly go off in one direction or another.

Title Screen

Hopefully this remake has a real nostalgic flavour whilst also being addictive and captivating. Towards the end of development I’ve played it more than coded it, all in the name of testing of course, but have probably got on with it better than I did on my 16K Spectrum. Perhaps I just have a better understanding of it now.


I hope you will go to Google Play and grab it for the price of 99p, which is less than a cup of coffee in Costa or Starbucks by a considerable margin. I know people usually say less than a pint of beer, but remember – I’m the caffeine kid.

Visit the Google Play store page for Jumping Jack.

Many thanks, and I will hopefully see you again right here in February!


Retro Blitz – my first Android game

Hi there, it’s been a while since I was able to post about any coding I have done but I have just released (a few days ago) my first game for Android. It’s an as accurate as I could make it remake of Blitz from the Vic-20, and hopefully you will think I have done a good job.

Please follow the link and buy it if you wish to support TCKSOFT and encourage me to create more software for mobile platforms as well as games for the PC.

When enough copies have been sold to recoup my Android Developer account, I will post the PC version for free right here.

Hopefully you will consider it 65p well spent to be able to relive that genuine retro feeling and demolish entire cities at your whim.

You can get to the game’s market place page thus: Click me!

If you would rather use the camera on your phone with a barcode scanner, here is a QR CODE for the game:

Stolen iPod Touch Fund/Post Birthday Whip-Round

Hi there,

I’m The Caffeine Kid and I would like your help please.

I’ve had a sucky few years now, losing a parent and becoming separated from my wife and taking in my daughter after her mum threw her out and was going to put her in care but I have done my best to keep my chin up.

One of the things that has kept me going is my iPod Touch which I can use to video chat with my wife and 2 month old son, so that he can see what his daddy looks like and not forget me and hear my voice when I can’t be there because I’m here with my daughter who also needs me very much and has had a pretty bad couple of years herself.

I’m not trying to whine or feel sorry for myself, but I do sometimes, I’m trying to stay positive and look to the future.

Yesterday my iPod Touch was stolen and I feel like the bottom has fallen out of my world because I won’t be able to video chat and see my son now and I cannot go and stay with them because my daughter cannot be left unattended.

If you have ever called me your friend, or even if you don’t know me really but have enjoyed something I’ve said on the internet or have enjoyed playing one of my games in the past please click the buy me a coffee link at the right of this page and throw me a couple of pounds.

If I can get the money for an iPod touch to replace my stolen one then words cannot express what that would mean to me.

Thank you for reading my begging letter, sorry for being a drag.

If this post raises the money in the next week or two I will start coding again, and if it raises any extra that will go back into this site and into the tools to create my next game – hopefully for iPod/Android too and not just PC.

Sorry for waffling on – and thank you again for listening.


COBEX v1.02 for Windows

Hi there I’ve just uploaded this as I was asked to do so by ortoslon, a cool guy who did a youtube video of the game being played.

The only update in the game is that there is a spawing animation for the player and also for the enemies.

Online high-score registration files are still available if anyone would like to give a donation to my pitiful funds. Thank you. 🙂

Grab the update on the game page. Have fun.