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Trashman Anniversary Fix

There have been some crashing problems on this game for a few people and over the last week or so I’ve been looking into it and working with someone who had to problem to hopefully come to a solution.

Fingers crossed there is now a version 1.02 of the game that should work for people who couldn’t get it running before.

Go get the game…

I’ve fixed some wrongly sized textures and also compiled the game with the latest version of Blitz3D (v1.103) which has had some fixes for Data Execution Protection which might have stopped it working on a few machines.

Because of the Blitz3D version I’m using for the game now I had to rip out the music playback and replace it with Bass.dll based music playing – the Fmod implementation in B3D versions over 1.086 are totally broken and cause seemingly random crashes when using some music formats, which is a shame. It’s terrible that this has never been fixed even though it’s been known of for literally years and years now.

Aaaanyway… Hopefully the game will run for everyone (fingers crossed) now.

If you have any problems with this (or any other of my games) then please let me know.

It’s just a little bit ironic…

I’ve recently been thinking of how to give away games for free but also with a little encouragement for people to donate to help me keep going – and maybe even let me buy my ever-suffering wife a Christmas present.

My reasoning was maybe access to the high score board of future games could just go to people who donate after playing (or even before of they want to) while everyone still gets a 100% full featured game still with a local high-score board.

Remakes should be free, but hopefully this side-steps the issue in a fairly ok way.

The remake or original game will still be free but if you want the bragging rights of showing off your score and putting it online on the official score board then you help to keep a poor starving coder in coffee.

Where’s the irony I hear you ask? I was looking at the high scores stuff on the site and on my previous games again and noticed that the database stuff had gone wrong and high scores weren’t uploading or downloading for a while – and no one had noticed. Well if they have, no one had brought it to my attention anyway.

Maybe they would have if I had actually coded a game this year though. LOL

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Would you be happy with things working this way? Perhaps COB can test the waters and see how it goes.

State of Play…


Visually I think the game is just about there now – as you can see from a comparison to the original. Hopefully it’s looking like a nice mid-80s arcade machine game or something.

Over the last couple of days I’ve added in scoring and the combo and bonus metres both work now. Bonus points aren’t added at the end of the level yet because I haven’t finalised how it will work although I have a few ideas bouncing around.

As you can see I have forgone the original game’s instant death. Although we still have just one life there is an energy/health display and colliding with the chasers won’t be instantly fatal. A tiny amount of life will be restored after each level but you will have to hold on to as much of it as you can. I hope this will make the game a bit more accessible.

I’m not finally adding in some sound effects and working on the title screen. Hopefully the game is on course for a release this month now, if I keep my head together this time.

Buy Me A Coffee

I’m still here (Minor Update)

I’ve not done much in the last week but I have tried to make the background in game look less bare by a nice “double mirror effect”.

If you have ever held up two mirrors facing each other and put something between them then I guess you will know what I’m talking about.


Now we just need scoring, level progression, death, game over, title screen, sound, high score tables (online?), etc, etc.

Not much to do then eh. LOL