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  2. TCK Post author

    I believe there is at least one Linux version of a game on here somewhere? I can’t remember which one it is though – perhaps Duck Dash or Vector’s Revenge, maybe even both.

    I made a virtual machine with Linux on to compile the games but unfortunately due to BlitzMax (my developement tool) needing hardware OpenGL graphics I could not test the games out.

    I will try to make more in future if possible.

    Please let me know if you try the Linux versions and how they work out for you, many thanks for getting in touch.

  3. Neil

    My dad bought me a Vic20 in 1979 and was amazed at ‘Blitz’ and ALWAYS recounts it to this day as being ‘the best game ever’.

    Just bought the Iphone version to show him and he was amazed.. Then said ‘is there a PC version’.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can you do a PC one (I don’t have an Android phone so can’t pay you that way, but hey I bought the Iphone one)…. 🙂

    Also, any chance of the cheesy VIC-Chip random noises when the building grow up to be added to the Iphone one too?

    Keep up the good (retro) work!

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