A Sliding-Puzzle For Helen


A Sliding Puzzle for Helen Title Screen A Sliding Puzzle for Helen Options Screen A Sliding Puzzle for Helen In-Game 1 A Sliding Puzzle for Helen In-Game 2

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Download: A Sliding-Puzzle For Helen
Size: 3.27 MB
Downloads: 1,130


This is a simple one-switch sliding puzzle game for the Retro Remakes 2008 Competition.

Playing the Game

Select the difficulty level and image on the title screen and then start the game.

The image will be shuffled for a few seconds and then you must rearrange the pieces to create the original image.


The only key you will need is the Space Bar.

Selecting options on the title screen, and in the options and also the playing of the game is all done with this key.

Hold it down for several seconds on the Quit option on the title screen to end the program – this also works in game and holding down the space bar will eventually exit you back to the titles.

ESC can be used also to quickly leave the game – this is optional of course.


v1.0 – Initial release. Coded in a single day for the Retro Remakes 2008 competition. Hopefully bug free and fully playable.


Code: Andrew Pointon AKA The Caffeine Kid

Music: Infamous

Graphics: The default images were sourced from a royalty free image website. Please see the readme for more information. The images can be replaced with any 640×480 jpg files of your choosing if desired.

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