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Download: Anarchy
Size: 2.08 MB
Downloads: 2,775


Anarchy has broken out on the planet Sentinel 4 and rebels have taken over.

You have been chosen for a mission: break into the rebels’ ammunition depot and destroy the entire supply, thus dealing a crushing blow to the rebellion. You have been given an ACE Mk.2 Interceptor tank with which to carry out your mission.

Playing the Game

Shoot the “red boxes of ammo” and the “red pyramid warheads” for points.

You can only fire in the direction you are facing, and if there isn’t a space between you and the ammo or warhead, there is no space to turn. Find a way of positioning yourself so that you can face them – they are all possible, but some may be puzzling.

Destroy them all and a beacon will appear showing where to place your tank to be beamed to the next ammo-dump in the complex.

The rebels are trying to destroy you before you accomplish your mission, with their orbital laser, but your jamming device can keep them from getting a lock for a while.

Keep an eye on the timer, when it runs out the jammer will fail, and the laser will be able to destroy you.

There are security droids and enemy tanks in the complex, which will try and tag you with and electronic marker – if you are touched and marked, the laser will be able to lock on despite your jamming-device!

Extra lives are awarded every 50,000 points.

This version (like the original game) has 16 levels. The original crashed after level 16, and didn’t have an end sequence, the remake will take you back to level 1 to rack up a higher score.

The top five scores are saved to disk, along with the level reached.


Cursor Keys or joy-pad to move the tank.
Control-Key or Fire Button 1 to shoot

“P” to pause the game

The game is full screen by default, but if you wish to play it in a window then use the switch “/window” on the command line.


v1.0 – Initial release.

v1.1 – Outer walls coloured, camera tracking changed, planet explosions on title screen, more little bits. I’ve also added basic frame-skipping code added to hopefully make the game more playable on low end machines (not guaranteed). The recommended spec for the game is around 1ghz for the ultimate smooth game play.


Code: Andrew Pointon (AKA The Caffeine Kid)
Graphics: Trevor ‘Smila’ Storey
Music: Enigma

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4 thoughts on “Anarchy

  1. TCK Post author

    I’m sorry but I only speak English (and not very good at that ;).

    Are you having a problem with the game?

  2. Metempsychosis

    Eu não falo a sua língua, mas quero ajudar. Por favor, perdoe-me se isto não faz sentido no seu idioma.

    Este jogo não tem um instalador. Para instalar, faça o download deste jogo, então descompactar o jogo usando um programa como o 7-zip, PeaZip, ou WinZip.

    Depois de ter descompactado, por favor, ponha o jogo em uma pasta local você gostaria que fosse ficar permanentemente, como C:\Jogos. Se você gostaria de fazer um atalho, você pode botão direito sobre a ‘anarchy-V1.1.exe’, e clique em “Criar atalho” – este atalho pode ser deslocado para onde quer que você desejar.

    Espero que este seja capaz de ajudá-lo.

    I do not speak your language, but I wish to help. Please forgive me if this does not make sense in your language.
    This game does not have an installer. To install, please download this game, then unpack the game using a program such as 7-zip, PeaZip, or WinZip.
    Once you have unpacked, please put the game folder in a place you would like it to permanently stay, like C:\Games. If you would like a shortcut, you may right click on the anarchy-v1.1.exe, and click on “Create Shortcut” — this shortcut may be moved to wherever you wish.

    I hope this helps.

  3. Ross (DS)

    First of all, congratulations to all the team for making so good remake.

    I have got two questions.

    a. This one is from a developer point of view.

    This remake is very accurate to the original. My question is general about doing remakes. The game algorithms and the mapping, etc., did you got access to the font code of the original game (internal observer point of view, white box)?

    Or all the logic has been recreated just taking notes while playing the original game (external observer point of view, black box) ?

    How you did it? (if you can tell)

    b. This one is from a player point of view. On the ZX Spectrum I remember being able to start a new game from near the maximum last level played, for example, if arriving to level 5 or 6 or 7 then you can restart from the 4, or something similar to that, I am talking from memories.

    I guess you’ve got this development closed, but, let me ask, anyway, is there any chance about implementing this feature?

    Said that, thanks in advance.

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