Duck Dash


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Download The Game


Download: Duck Dash (Windows)
Size: 300.69 KB
Downloads: 1,173


Download: Duck Dash (Mac)
Size: 424.71 KB
Downloads: 496


Download: Duck Dash (Linux)
Size: 293.59 KB
Downloads: 458

How To Play

Simply collect all the eggs on each level to progress to the next.

When you walk on tiles they become cracked and cannot be used again.

It is possible to scroll the lines/colums of tiles (CTRL+Cursors) so don’t worry you cannot trap yourself surrounded by broken tiles.

Careful you don’t get caught in the spider’s web or you will be stuck for a moment.

Avoid the baddies or you will be a dead duck.


Original game (and graphics) by John Gymer of Kingfisher Software

PC Remake is copyright 2007 by Andrew Pointon (The Caffeine Kid) of TCKSOFT

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2 thoughts on “Duck Dash

  1. james

    This is a good game, well done. The sliding tiles is a concept I’ve not encountered before. Refreshingly different.

    For some reason it often felt unfair when a baddy got me.

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