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One of my first ever projects in Blitz Basic was going to be a remake of the Quicksilver classic Mined Out from the ZX Spectrum. Back then I knew even less about programming on the PC than I do now. LOL. It didn’t get very far, there was more or less just a very poor title page and nothing else apart from a dodgy main character sprite.

I tried again for a mini-competition where you had to write a game in under 150 lines of code, and this is the result. A fusion of Mined Out and Thrust.

How To Play

Fly your ship from the bottom safe-zone to the top of the screen, avoiding invisible space mines. You can tell how many mines are adjacent to your current position by the number that appears when you enter a cell of the screen grid. If it says ‘0’ then it is plain sailing with no mines in the closest cells but any higher numbers then you will really have to think, or possibly take a different route.

In some space sectors there are stranded astronauts that you can rescue for extra points, and watch out for the deadly space-ray that will try to shoot you out of the sky on every alternate sector.


Code: Andrew Pointon (AKA The Caffeine Kid)

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