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Dare you face the corridors of death?

Avoid spikes, and spines and deadly cubes, while crushing all the cylinders contained in each level. When you have destroyed all the cylinders the exit will become open and you can cross the exit to the next corridor.

Score points for distance travelled, and cylinders crushed.

Watch your time, if it runs out then your game is over. More time can be acquired by pressing down the “Green Timer Disks”, but beware: Once you touch them and take the prize, they will become “Red Disks of Death” and cannot be touched again.

Extra lives are awarded every 10,000 points.

The original Spectrum game contained eight corridors, who knows what challenging courses could have been built since then!

If you complete all the corridors, you will be returned to the first, but each time you loop around the level set, the time allowed will be reduced.

The top five scores are saved to disk… How high can you score? How far can you get?


Original game (c) John Phillips 1986

Music (c) Klaus Lunde, used with kind permission

Remake Coding & Graphics by Andrew Pointon (AKA The Caffeine Kid)

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2 thoughts on “Impossaball

  1. Age

    Hey TCK,

    Just came across your remake of Impossaball .. *AWESOME* job !!

    A great remake of one of my favourite all-time Speccy games – you’ve captured all the fun & challenge of the original with a modern edge.

    Now I’m not sure which version is my favourite !



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