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The Game

Out in the vastness of space lies the heart of an Intergalactic Criminal Network, TALOS, a man-made asteroid slowly spinning through the void, spreading its evil through the Universe. At the head of this seemingly unstoppable force sits one man, the unspeakably vile Cyrus T. Gross.

A name spoken only in whispered voices, Gross is the embodiment of all that is criminal. Avoiding any attempt to curtail his ever spreading empire, he has crushed all opposition and seems invincible, ruling his depraved Zealots with a fist of iron and a heart of ice.

In a last ditch attempt, the rulers of the Free Worlds have called in the Nemesis organisation, a hardened cadre of humanoid and robotic freebooters who have assigned N.O.M.A.D. 471 (Nemesis Organisation Mobile Attack Droid) to penetrate Gross’s heavily armed home world and destroy this vile despot once and for all.

Your mission is to guide N.O.M.A.D. through the four sections of Capital City towards Gross’s inner sanctum.

You arrive at the spaceport and must then progress through the slums, into the city centre and penetrate the HQ; “Dun Dentin’, before you reach his personal quarters for the final deadly confrontation.

Many dangers await you in all sections of Capital City. In true cowardly style, Gross has installed magnetrons, heat-seeking missiles,
and an infinity of equally deadly obstacles, all of which must be confronted and conquered.

N.O.M.A.D. 471 Specifications

Autonomous war-droid with high-intelligence, Infra-red visual receptors and high-frequency audio-receivers.
Fitted with anti-gravity pods and twin thrusters functional in both forward and backward directions and capable of great speeds with a high degree of manoeuvrability.


Titanium body shell … Not totally impregnable. Two magnum 57 calibre blasters. The N.O.M.A.D. 471 series is as yet untested. This is his first and possibly deadliest mission. The chances of survival are slim …

The freedom of the Universe is in your hands. We salute you!

Playing Features

Inertia – Your droid will not stop instantly if you cease acceleration but will slowly decelerate. If you apply the ‘brakes’ the deceleration will obviously be greater. However it is also possible to slow down by turning 180° and then applying acceleration. (This is useful for shooting things that are chasing you.)

Magnetic Walls – Cyrus has placed large banks of Magnetrons along some of the city walls. When active these devices will attract N.O.M.A.D.’s metallic armour, luring him towards the guns and slowing him down.

Homing missiles – These appear from silos in the surface of the Asteroid and once targeted are difficult to lose.

Artillery – The whole Asteroid is heavily fortified and Cyrus has some of the most efficient heat guns in the known Universe. Even to be caught in the blast from one of these shells is instant death.

Robothugs – Cyrus has a whole planet dedicated to producing his personal protectors, the Robothugs. These delightful examples of the roboticist’s art are programmed to make a suicide run at anything or anyone who looks as if they may be even thinking about attacking their master.

Gateways & Switches – The various sections of the Asteroid have many gateways to partition them. These can be opened and closed by brushing past the switches on the side walls. However because of the appalling maintenance droids, pushing a switch may not necessarily open the door that it should!


Code: Andrew Pointon (AKA The Caffeine Kid)

Graphics: Trevor ‘Smila’ Storey

Music: Skaven

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7 thoughts on “N.O.M.A.D.

  1. vostrilla

    its like sugar for the vostrills, looks and play great and very nice music too.

    well done


  2. Timex 2068

    Very cool! Very good looking, you managed to keep or increase the sinister feeling of the original. Very good remake. Only improvements i can think of would be a closer to original inertia and redefinable keys. Thank you! =D

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  5. Hill

    Hi. Just try to beat this game. It’s really pitty that i got Memory Access Violation when trying to enter the last room. I’ve reached it 6 times and every time the game crashed.

  6. TCK Post author

    Are you playing it on Windows XP? I’ve not tried it on Win7 or Win8 and it might not behave but then again it might be the march of soundcard or videocard technology making something fall over. Have you tried running it in Compatibility Mode? If you get it working please let me know as I don’t know if I would know where to start looking for the problem.

  7. Hill

    Hi. i have windows 7 x64. Everything is working fine. I’ve passed through all possible rooms, except the last one. Once i try to enter it game just crashes with “memory access violation” message. I’ve tried compatibility mode still the same. Looks like there’s some problem with final boss textures because all other rooms are playable and killable (yes i’ve destroyed every unit except final boss)

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