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This is a very simple concept game with minimalist almost DOS-like graphics, but hopefully with a hook of playability to have you coming back again just for the ride.

How To Play

Click grouped blocks to make them disappear from the play field – the number of blocks in the group (two or more) will determined the score given. More blocks together = higher group-clicking scores.

Clicking on a single block will cause a 1000 points penalty to be taken from your score.

If you remove an entire column then a free-column bonus will be awarded for the duration of the free state.

More blocks are being pushed into the play field from below, slowly at first but then faster as the game continues on, until it is very frantic indeed.

If you need more blocks and the blocks are being pushed on to the screen to slowly then use mouse button two, or the space bar, to bring them on faster. You may want to do this at the start of the game, but once the speed is higher this will be the last thing on your mind!

The game is over when a stack reaches the score-line at the top of the screen.


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One thought on “Stack Attack

  1. mezzomix

    It’s fucking great! It’s much better then Tetris.
    I had a vision when I played this for 3 hours:
    If the design would be like 70s minimalistic graphic
    design like “south park” meets public information films or sesame street animations
    and with analogue synth noises like in that stupid video logos they used to have…well, everyone would
    go crazy over this!
    The screen would have to look glimmerish like old timey
    tv vids …
    Man If I could describe better what I have in mind.
    ah, never mind. It’s great the way it is,but I think there is more potential in this.

    If you somehow think that would be a time worthy project
    I would really like to make the graphics and the noises and music.


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