Super Obliteration


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Download The Game


Download: Super Obliteration (Windows)
Size: 2.8 MB
Downloads: 5,704


Download: Super Obliteration (Mac)
Size: 2.96 MB
Downloads: 1,073


This is a simple game – destroy all the rocks (which split) on each level before the timer runs out. Collect power-ups (or avoid bad ones) for different weapons, faster or slower shots, shield, etc.


Large Rock = 1,000 points
Smaller Rock = 500 points
Even Smaller Rock = 250 points
Smallest Rock = 100 points
Diamond = 250 points

There are four control methods available so try to choose the one that works best for you. They are:-

* Mouse Aim and Keyboard
* Keyboard Only (using aim lock)
* Joypad Control (using aim lock)
* Dual Analogue Joypad

To send your high scores to the online board, go to the high scores screen and click on the sync button. Please ensure that you allow the program access through any firewall you may have in place.

Version Log

v1.02 – Dual Analogue deadzone adjustments.
v1.01 – Extra Lives code fixed (Thanks STompy!)


The original game is (c) 1993 David Papworth

Remake Coding: Andrew Pointon (aka The Caffeine Kid)

Remake Music: o0Infamous0o (c) 2007

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