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Welcome to Trashman Anniversary, my remake of “Trashman” which was released on the Spectrum in 1984, by New Generation Software (the game is 20 years old). This game was created for the Retro Remakes Competition 2004.

Playing the Game

Take control of your rookie trashman and lead him to the heady heights of head-trashman in a matter of days! You must guide trashman around various streets, locating and picking up the rubbish bins. These must be carried to the truck and emptied before being placed back where you found them.

However, things aren’t as easy as they seem! Cars try to run you down, kids on bikes will run over your feet and make you move more slowly. Worst of all, tread on someone’s lawn and you may find their dog snapping at your heels!

Each street must be completed within a set time limit, and extra care must be taken to stay off the grass and out of the bushes, as these will both drain your time limit incredibly quickly!

As a bonus, if you empty a house’s bins perfectly you may be invited in for a certain amount of bonus time – and you’ll need every second on some of the later levels!

Pull down to exit the house, but this can only be done after a couple of seconds inside.

After you have emptied all the bins you must walk up to the very top of the street, to complete the day’s work and go home to rest until the next shift.

The game ends when you are run over and killed by a car, if you fail to complete your assigned task within the time limit three times, or if you complete all the assignments.


Cursor Keys to move the player.

Space Bar to start a game from the title screen.

F12 on title screen to switch from windowed mode to full screen mode, and visa versa.


Initial release. Coded for the Retro Remakes Competition 2004.

Added facility to turn off the music.
Added code for 3Dfx users, to default into fullscreen.
Sound crashing bug fixed (hopefully) by reverting back to Blitz3D v1.86 (wasn’t my fault, was the version of fmod in Blitz3d v1.87!!)

v1.02 (27th Nov 2009)

Textures fixed to hopefully work on more graphics cards/machines.
Now uses bass.dll for music – fix for blitz3d fmod problems.


Code: Andrew Pointon (aka TCK)
Graphics: Andrew Pointon (aka TCK)/Google
Music: c/o Mod Archive

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10 thoughts on “Trashman Anniversary

  1. Chris Hill


    I got this game from one of the old Retro Gamer coverdisks. It crashed everytime I used it, so I downloaded the version from the website…exactly the same problem!

    The error is a ‘memory access violation’. I’ve tried everything I can to fix it (I’ve tried compatibility mode). Yesterday I couldn’t get it passed the 5 second splash screen and today I can’t even get that far.

    Any suggestions?

    Running Windows XP, on board graphics (no-really).


  2. TCK Post author

    I know it’s a silly question but have you updated your graphics card drivers? Even onboard graphics have drivers and you might not be up to date?

    If it doesn’t work I suspect it’s the onboard graphics to blame, and Blitz3D is getting a little old in the tooth too maybe and not as stable as it once was on new systems and current machines?

    I don’t know what else to suggest – I hope you can get it working – and also hope you think it was worth it if you do. 😉

  3. PJ

    Hey there, TCK

    I thought I should mention I have the same issue as the above poster.

    I havea fairly modern system with 1G video memory and 4G RAM. Drivers are up to date on a windows XP machine.

    The splash screen appears and 13 image resources are unpacked (no audio files I note) before the MAV. I am wondering if it may be related to fmod.dll – I do not have fmod.dll in system32 folder.

  4. TCK Post author

    Thanks PJ. I’ve taken a look at the problem today and have hopefully fixed it. I have emailed you a working (I think!) version. Please get back to me and let me know if it fixes everything and that the game will now load.

    Once I know it’s sorted I will put the new version up on the site for anyone else with problems. 🙂


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  6. HalfWit

    Having always been interested in Trashman and attemptng to create stuff myself, am I right in thnking that I read somewhere you’d moved on from blitz to darkbasic?

    I’m sure it was linked with this game that I read it somewhere.


  7. TCK Post author

    Noooo! I moved from Blitz 3D (which I used to create this and several other games) to BlitzMax. I stayed with Blitz just moved to the newer version. 🙂

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  9. Amiga

    This game needs a pause button, such as “P” – not very good when you cannot Pause the game, please add this, after all its still a very good game, and I do like playing your version, but with the lack of a “pause” function, its pretty much no good to anybody.

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