Vector’s Revenge


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Download: Vector's Revenge (Windows)
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My entry in the Retro Remakes Mini-Comp #10: The Vector Graphics Challenge.

This is a vector graphics style remake of a certain Atari 2600 game that shall remain nameless (Yar’s Revenge. LOL). It has the Howard Scott Warshaw seal of approval! 😀


Cursors to move & SPACE bar to fire.


Version 1.1 – Changed the way extra lives are awarded to attempt to balance the game, added a pause “P” key in the interests of sanity, added slight difference in difficulty curve.

Version 1.0 – Added joystick control, more levels, difficulty curve and online scores.

Version 0.8 – Excellent title music, and sound effects included now as well as fixing a few annoying bugs. Enjoy.

Version 0.5 – NO SOUND yet as I ran out of time before the deadline. Stay tuned for an update shortly.


Coding & Graphics: Andrew Pointon (aka The Caffeine Kid)
Sound Effects: Rockfistus
Music: Geekay

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5 thoughts on “Vector’s Revenge

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  4. Yan van Hook

    Wow i absolutely love this game, I wanted someone to do a remake of this so badly that i actually took up basic programming to do it myself but never finished it and it was also a vector based game, Discovering this has made my day, Could do with a faster rapid fire setting to make it more playable as i used to play yars on a 2600 with a rapid fire joystick, Totally changes the gameplay

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