White Christmas


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My Blitz Coder Xmas 2002 comp entry. Thanks to MADenathorn for running the comp and putting up first prize, and to George Bray of Idigicon for the goodie bag of 20 Idigicon titles, to be shared between the runners up.

A very original puzzle game, with inspiration from Deflector and Puzznic, classics of the genre from years gone by on the Spectrum.

This version contains 6 training levels, to get you used to the different blocks and 12 standard levels, some hard, some not so hard. ENJOY!

How To Play

Get a beam of WHITE snowflakes to the home block. Use the turnable mirrors, the movable mirrors, the rotators, the colour filters to do this. Blocks can be moved and mirrors can be rotated. Your beam of snowflakes is changed colours by colour-filters and must be white when it reaches the destination block.

Make it a white Christmas for everyone! 🙂


Use the cursor keys to move your cursor 😉

Press space over a turnable mirror to rotate it.

Hold space down over a movable block, and use left or right to move it.

Colour Key

The colour filters work in the standard RGB and if a colour is on it will flip it to off, and visa versa…

A red beam going through a red filter will go black (red is switched off)
A black beam going through a red filter will turn red (red is switched on)

Cyan, Yellow and Magenta filters flip two colours at a time.

Yellow = Red+Green — Cyan = Green+Blue — Magenta = Red+Blue

The white filter will flip ALL three colours.


Coding & Graphics: Andrew Pointon (aka The Caffeine Kid)

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