Zoop-A-Mario Bros.


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A game written based on a pun? You better believe it. I have taken ideas from an old puzzle game, Zoop – and added in some Mario sound and graphics. Zoop-A-Mario is born.

Playing the Game

Stop the Koopas from reaching the centre by popping them with your trusty shells. You only have one shell colour at a time and it must match the Koopa you hit for it to be destroyed. Hitting a row of the same colour Koopas will score lots more points.

If you hit a different colour Koopa then yours and his shells will be exchanged, giving you a different shell to throw.

The game ends when a Koopa reaches the centre area.


Cursor keys to move Mario, and Space Bar to fire a shell in the direction you are facing.

ESC can be used to quickly leave the game, and exit completely from the title screen.


v0.5 – Initial release. Coded in a single day for Mar10 Month. Hopefully bug free and fully playable. Perhaps I will add high score, etc at a later date if there is interest.


Code: Andrew Pointon AKA The Caffeine Kid

Sound & Graphics: These are copyright of Nintendo and no claims to them are made by the author of this game.

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